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Only H2O Power Equipment’s EnergyLogic waste oil heaters and boilers include the money-saving features and benefits you need to heat with waste oil. See for yourself. Waste Oil Heaters convert used oil into energy (heat) and provide the user with substantial savings on their heating costs. In addition, when you use “Waste Oil Heat”, you are eliminating potential liability associated with hauling used oil. Even if you are getting paid for your used oil, the average return-on investment for an Energy Logic Waste Oil Heater is 2 years or less! Waste Oil Heat is one of the few environmentally friendly solutions that actually saves you money! Learn About Waste Oil Heaters

Why buy from H2O Power Equipment?

H2O Power Equipment offers turn-key solutions to reduce your heating costs. We not only sell you the heater, but we also install, and maintain everything that we sell. EnergylogicWe can provide you with proper installation, stacking, and oil delivery, to assure that your furnace always runs when you need it! Our goal is that you never have to touch your furnace!! We offer complete solutions with no hidden costs. This turn-key service provides you with an overall lower cost of ownership over the life of the furnace when you factor in maintaining the unit, longevity of the unit, parts, reliability, and efficiency! We service the entire State of Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and Eastern Nebraska. We have furnaces running at all altitudes including on Aspen Mountain as well as up in Estes Park, which proves the reliability of the Energy Logic Heating System! Please call H2O Power Equipment and to ask about how we can save you money by eliminating your shop heating bill! Recycling your used oil makes good sense both for business and for the environment. By using a waste oil heater for your worksite you can:
  • Conveniently and reliably recycle your used oil on-site
  • Lower the cost of your energy bills
  • Save money by eliminating hauling fees
  • Be protected from Superfuld liability
  • Become environmentally friendly
Energy Type
Energy Content
Cost to Dealership
Fuel Oil (1 gal)
140,000 BTU
$4.00 – $6.00
Natural Gas (1.4 therms)
140,000 BTU
$2.50 – $3.50
Propane (1.56 gal)
140,000 BTU
$3.00 – $5.00
Used Oil (1 gal)
140,000 BTU
Don’t Waste Oil
Used oil has value and energy. At zero cost to you.
  H2O Power Equipment is proud to offer the Energy Logic line of Waste Oil Heaters, and Waste Oil Boilers. The Energy Logic brand is by far the most efficient and most reliable brand in the market today. Energy Logic Heaters and Boilers are designed to run when you need them, and they have the industry‚Äôs best fuel management system, along with the most comprehensive warranty in the market today. Through the use of Energy Logics‚Äô patented technology, these furnaces can produce an incredible 120 degree heat rise, (while most competitors can only achieve a 60 degree heat rise) which allows for faster heat recovery in your shop. Couple this technology with the reliability that Energy Logic is known for, and you are assured of having heat in your facility when you need it. The Energy Logic Heaters are capable of burning everything from No. 2 fuel, all the way to 90 weight oil. With a maintenance cycle of 1000 hours, the Energy Logic heaters provide you with an overall lower cost of ownership than anything else on the market today! All Energy Logic Heaters and Boilers are UL listed and EPA approved. Please check out our ROI calculator to see how these heaters literally pay for themselves! The average payback on a Waste Oil Heater is usually 2-3 years!! Call today for your free ROI analysis to see how you can save money! Call 303-287-7561 or 800-255-6354 for your local used oil heater sales consultant!