Energy Saving High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans

Industrial Fans / Shop Fans

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Cost Savings with HVLS fans

Save 20-25% on heating and cooling costs

High Volume Low Speed Fans are a proven technology for energy use reductions, enhanced employee productivity and a better facility environment. Reduce your year-round costs and environmental footprint with HVLS.


Cut Costs

  • The large blade surface area moves massive amounts of air at a slow comfortable speed
  • When reversed in the winter, heat lost in the ceiling is re-circulated throughout the entire space. This allows for saving 20% or more on heating costs.
  • A floor jet of constant air movement is created affecting employees, the building and the air
  • Air movement across the body at a low speed creates an avaporative cooling effect of 8-15 degrees

Enhance Productivity

In a study for NASA, it was found that when in-plant temperatures rise over 85 degrees, output drops by 18% and accuracy suffers from a 40% increase in errors. In addition to cutting operational and energy costs, HVLS technology promotes productivity. It keeps the work environment at the most effective comfort level, while the low speed does not cause distruption to papers and office supplies.