Hot Water Pressure Washers


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Horizontal Coil Design soles lower center of gravity

Landa’s horizontal coil design solves dangerous situations and problems by creating a lower center of gravity. Whether you are moving the unit indoors or outdoors, through doorways or over uneven terrain, Landa’s horizontal coil design will keep your pressure washer balanced and secure.

Surefire high efficiency oil burner engineered pressure washer
The ONLY high efficiency burner designed specifically for the pressure washer industry.

Landa hot water washer pump
Our hot washers use the Landa G3 Pump!
» STRONGER crankcase with more cooling fins and thicker mounting feet
» OVERSIZED European-made tapered roller bearings for longer pump life
» NEW crankcase cover with cooling fins and new O-ring seal for leak-free operation
» NEW larger oil level sight glass
» NEW U-Seals allow for up to 185°F inlet water, significantly reduce pump maintenance and extend pump life
» STRONGER specially cast connecting rods for quieter operation and longer pump life
» TIGHTER piston rod tolerance reduces wear and maximizes performance
» NEW multi-viscosity pump oil for better lubrication and cooling
» NEW and improved check valves provide quieter operation and extend valve life

Trailer/Skid Mount

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Colorado Wash trailer from Landa
Landa ECOS Environmentally Friendly
Mobile Wash and Recovery System

Mobile recycling/reclaim of water

» 4.7 GPM at 3,500 PSI
» Captures, filters, and recycles wash water for continuous use
» Trans-Heat Technology provides up to 12 percent

Watch and learn more about the Landa Ecos Enviromental mobile wash and recovery trailer system

Landa's Cool Bypass system routes superheated water
Check out Landa’s patented Cool Bypass system effectively routes superheated water, preventing pump damage and water tank detergent contamination. A simple solution, lengthening the life of your pressure washer.

The new Landa TRV 3500 Trailer
» Single Axle
» Customized Hot-Water Pressure Washer
» 3000 lb Load Capacity
» 200 Gallon Water Tank
» Swing-Away Tongue

Landa G3 Pump for hot power washers
Our hot washers use the Landa G3 Pump!


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Landa Wireless remote control system
Landa’s patented wireless remote control

Landa Hot washer pump
Our hot washers use the Landa G3 Pump!

ETL Certified to UL-1776 Safety Standards CETA Performance Certified