Landa Highway

A Butyl-Based Vehicle Cleaner. One of our most economical soaps, this strong, low foaming, biodegradable detergent is made to clean and degrease simultaneously. Works with both hot or cold water and has “quick-release” properties. Great for use on hard surfaces such as cars, trucks, engines and R.V.s. (PH of 11.4)

l9140.jpgLanda L-9140

This is one of our most popular detergents featuring a unique blend of the latest generation of surfactants, along with special water softening agents to deliver highly effective penetration and cleaning performance. (Works GREAT on Colorado’s Mag Chloride!) High foaming and butyl-based; ideal for pre-soaking vehicles in car washes. Rinses quickly and clearly. (PH of 11.6)

roadshow.jpgLanda Road Show

Very good all-purpose, non-caustic, non-butyl vehicle wash that cleans and degreases. Works with hot or cold water. Safe to use on all surfaces.
(PH of 11.8)

harddrive.jpgLanda Hard Drive

Designed as an Off-Road Vehicle Cleaner – This super strength, caustic-based detergent is made to work on the toughest jobs.  Even though it is biodegradable, use caution in applying. *May dull the surface of automotive paints. * (Not to use on aluminum, magnesium, galvanized metal, or finely painted surfaces). (PH of 12.4)

l9115.jpgLanda L-9115 All Purpose Powder Vehicle Wash

This is a powdered compound, with buffered alkalinity and a blend of water softening agents for quick removal of dirt and grime. It is biodegradable, solvent-free and very stable in hard water. Designed to work in car wash systems as well as pressure washers. (PH 12.0)

nova.jpgLanda Nova

THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR ALUMINUM BRIGHTNER as it is a non-fuming, acid based cleaner for cleaning and restoring oxidized aluminum. Nova contains an acid inhibitor formula for minimizing metal removal. *Excellent for removing grease, oil and diesel smoke.

supernova.jpgLanda Super Nova

This is a highly concentrated non-fuming, acid detergent with extra wetting agents for the absolute toughest of cleaning jobs, such as road film. Cleans and restores oxidized aluminum. Removes carbon, grease, oils, and diesel smoke. Does NOT use hydrofluoric acid.

dynamight.jpgLanda Dyna-Might

– A highly concentrated, butyl-based detergent with a precise amount of caustic to deliver a powerful cleaning punch. *Ideal for heavy equipment, repair shops, sidewalks and all the toughest jobs. THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR DEGREASER on the market today!!


buckshot.jpg Landa Buckshot

Low-Alkaline Heavy-Duty Degreaser – A very effective, non-caustic, butyl-based degreaser that is designed to work well with both hot or cold water. Biodegradable and safe for use on all metals and painted surfaces, including engines and vehicles. Also cleans mildew, soap scum, and baked-on grease. (PH of 11.5)

bazooka.jpgLanda Bazooka

A super-strength, highly concentrated, non-butyl blend of power ingredients formulated to wet, penetrate and suspend soils, oils and grease for faster, more thorough cleaning effectiveness. Okay on most surfaces, including aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic, paint and fine automotive paint finishes. (PH 11.8-12.0)